Jeremiah Brent: Finding Ritual in Design

Episode 1 March 08, 2024 01:00:12
Jeremiah Brent: Finding Ritual in Design
The Interior Collective
Jeremiah Brent: Finding Ritual in Design

Mar 08 2024 | 01:00:12


Show Notes

In the season 4 premiere episode of The Interior Collective, special guest Jeremiah Brent expounds on the intimate connection between personal rituals and interior design. In his new book, "The Space That Keeps You," Jeremiah explores how the spaces we inhabit are deeply intertwined with our daily practices and the essence of what makes a house a home. This episode not only sheds light on Jeremiah's transition from fashion to establishing a successful design firm but also emphasizes the significance of rituals in shaping our living environments. Jeremiah's insight into the transformative power of design, coupled with the anticipation of Jeremiah joining the cast of "Queer Eye," provides a compelling narrative on the importance of creating spaces that reflect and accommodate the rituals that enrich our lives.

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Jeremiah Brent
"The Space That Keeps You"

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