Strategic Brand Development with Lindye Galloway

Episode 10 May 10, 2024 00:59:15
Strategic Brand Development with Lindye Galloway
The Interior Collective
Strategic Brand Development with Lindye Galloway

May 10 2024 | 00:59:15


Show Notes

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This week on the Interior Collective Podcast, we sat down with Lindye Galloway, an Orange Country, California, designer and shop owner to talk about her strategies for setting her firm apart and developing a distinct point of view in an area that is super saturated with designers. Lindye walks us through her transition from wedding designer to interior designer as she and her husband embark on a renovation just weeks after the birth of their son, Theo, and how it works now that he has joined the business. She candidly shares how she pieced her business together, always keeping her vision in mind and maintaining a stylistic thread while designing homes around the country, and how innovation and competition can propel you forward.

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Lindye Galloway


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